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Jan 02

How Salt Affects Weight Loss?

Most popular diets today advise eating healthy, increasing exercise, cutting calories and reducing salt. Yes, you read the last one correctly. Salt becomes a detriment to a healthy diet when you eat more than what your body needs. Here’s what you need to know on how salt affects weight loss to help you improve your efforts in dropping those extra pounds.

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Dec 26

Go Vegan – Herbalife’s Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss


So you’re a vegan and you want to lose weight using Herbalife products. Is that possible? Well, YES! It’s not hard for vegetarians to go on a vegetarian diet for weight loss using Herbalife products. We’ll show you how that is done.

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Dec 20

8 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips with Herbalife Holiday Diet


It’s holiday time and that means lots of fun and food. The “unavoidable” weight gain shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your favorite food this time of the year. We give to you these eight proven tips plus our Herbalife Holiday Meal Plan for healthy holiday eating so you can avoid gaining too much weight.

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Dec 16

10 Tried and Tested Ways to Burn Fat Faster

A healthy diet and regular exercise can help you lose weight. But did you know there are ways to burn fat faster? Yeah, we’re not kidding! Here are 10 easy and very effective ways you can make that happen.

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Dec 13

5 Easy Steps to Tighten Skin after Weight Loss

Now that you’ve lost weight, you can’t wait to show off your new and improved figure. But wait! Is that loose skin you see in the mirror?

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Dec 08

Compare Herbalife24 F1 Sport with Formula 1 Weight Loss Shake



Want to feel healthy, have more energy and an awesome body? We are happy to tell you that these can be within you reach through the Herbalife F1 and F1 sport weight loss shake!

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Oct 31

How To Sleep and Get Slim at The Same Time?

Are you worried about your weight? Well now you can forget strenuous gym sessions and depressing meals. The best way to trim a flabby tummy could be to sleep on it.

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Oct 22

How Can Herbalife Cell Activator Help with Weight Loss and Weight Gain?


A lifetime of well-being. Who wouldn’t want that? We want to be fit, healthy, gain weight, lose weight – our wants are endless. Thankfully, we are not alone in our quest for such things as the formulated cell activator from Herbalife is here to help us.

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Oct 02

What Exercises Burn The Most Calories?

We always want to do more in less time. If we could have an extra hour or two a day, we can get more things done. While that may be a dream, boosting the calories you burn sans increasing the hours you spend in the gym isn’t – if you know what exercises burn the most calories.

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Sep 16

HELP! Why Am I Gaining Weight after I Exercise?

Just when you're about to give yourself a pat on the back for working out regularly, you step on the scale and discover you’ve gained a few pounds. Don’t panic. We’re here to give that “Why am I gaining weight?” thought in your head a rest.

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