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Mar 31

Does Fruit Cause Weight Gain?

Fruit, dubbed as one of the healthiest snack options is a low-cal source of antioxidants, fibre and vitamins. That said, there are still talks that fruit can result to unwanted weight gain. Today, we’re going to put an end to this question – Does fruit cause weight gain?

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Jan 06

Can You Gain Weight If You Skip Meals?

So you think if you skip meals you can lose weight? Think again. Crash dieting may seem like a quick ticket for those who want to lose weight but what it really does is make you gain weight and worse, it damages your health.

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Dec 08

Compare Herbalife24 F1 Sport with Formula 1 Weight Loss Shake



Want to feel healthy, have more energy and an awesome body? We are happy to tell you that these can be within you reach through the Herbalife F1 and F1 sport weight loss shake!

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Nov 04

How Can I Gain Weight Fast? Try Herbalife Weight Gain Programme!


“How can I gain weight fast?” is a question we don’t hear too often as most people are too busy asking how to lose weight. You may be the envy of many as you can eat and eat often without putting on weight, but gaining weight can be a real challenge too.

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Oct 22

How Can Herbalife Cell Activator Help with Weight Loss and Weight Gain?


A lifetime of well-being. Who wouldn’t want that? We want to be fit, healthy, gain weight, lose weight – our wants are endless. Thankfully, we are not alone in our quest for such things as the formulated cell activator from Herbalife is here to help us.

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