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Mar 13

Mother’s Day Gifts that will Last a Lifetime

The term 'mother'! It’s not just an epithet, but a reminder of the most important role in this world. Mother’s Day nears friends.  We're telling you this because, hey, Mom's Day seems to be just right around the corner — and we are hoping that by now, you have a plan to show her how much you appreciate her.

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Sep 23

500,000 Free Healthy & Easy Recipe Ideas

Health is wealth and what better way to ensure optimal well-being by eating a balanced and nutritious diet. But, we tend to crave for the tasty stuff, hence, our powerful magnetism to junk and sweets. Today, we introduce to you – a website home to healthy and easy recipe ideas that are good for everyone.

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Aug 12

16 Must-try Herbalife Shake Recipes for A Fit Body

Want to take something cool and tasty while losing weight at the same time? Then why not try Herbalife shake recipes. We promise you, these smoothies are not only healthy but are also pleasing to the taste buds!

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