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3 Yummy Snacks to Eat While Watching Your Weight

3 Yummy Snacks to Eat While Watching Your Weight

Can you snack when you’re trying to lose weight? YES you can! These low-calorie, yummy healthy snacks from Herbalife will satiate your cravings and help you reach your weight loss goals.


Why We Need to Snack When Dieting


Healthy snacking helps you stick to your diet. Eating smaller meals during the day = a more stable blood sugar which leads to controlled hunger pangs and reduced overeating tendencies. No need to worry, eating healthy quick snacks is supposed to feel indulgent.


Herbalife Snacks for Weight Loss

Want to satisfy your hunger and feel energized while you lose kilos? Enjoy this 3 low-calorie Herbalife snacks:

(1)Formula 1 Express Bar (7 bars/box)

Always on the go? The Formula 1 Express Bar will ensure you won’t have to miss out on a healthy and tasty meal. It’s a meal replacement available in chocolate, red berries and yoghurt flavours that has all the dietary goodness of a Formula 1 Shake. Plus, it’s ideal for vegetarians.


  • Helps you reach your daily fibre intake (contains 8 g of fibre/bar).
  • Helps build lean muscle mass (contains 13g  of protein/bar).
  • Has about 207 kcal to keep calories controlled.
  • Provides essential carbohydrates, fibre, protein and extra vitamins and minerals.


Also Available: Pack of 4 Formula Express Bar (7 bars/box)

(2)Gourmet Tomato Soup

Gourmet Tomato Soup is a guilt-free, flavoursome instant snack with Mediterranean herbs for a delicious taste. A snack that’s nutritious and scrumptious without piling on calories.


  • Contains 3.2 g of fibre, helping you reach your daily fibre intake.
  • Contains 7 g of protein, great for building lean muscle mass.
  • Calorie-controlled with approximately 104 kcal per serving.
  • 8 times the protein of regular tomato soup.
  • A great part of your Herbalife Meal Plan.


(3)Protein Bars (14 bars/box)

We need protein to keep a healthy body. Herbalife Protein Bars are a succulent high-protein nutritious snack. These protein bars available in chocolate peanut, citrus lemon and vanilla almond flavours help maintain and build lean body mass which can improve your metabolic rate.


  • Contains 10 g of protein, ideal for building lean body mass.
  • Calorie-controlled with about 140 kcal/bar (less than the traditional protein bars).
  • Has a perfect combination of 10 g of protein and 15 g of carbohydrate.
  • Rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6, vitamin E and pantothenic acid.
  • Makes you feel fuller longer, reducing hunger pangs.


Also Available: Pack of 4 Protein Bars (14 bars/box)


Why Are They The Best Diet Snacks?

There are plenty of snacks available, but Herbalife snacks are the best among the rest as these are portion-controlled snacks which help you eyeball everything. We know how important it is to observe portion controlwhen trying to lose weight. Plus, these yummy healthy snacks are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals so we can be sure our tummies are satiated (thanks to their delicious taste) and we’re getting the nourishment we need while dropping unwanted pounds.


Healthy Snacking Tips

Don’t Be Mindless

Don’t snack in front of the TV, while standing in front of the fridge or just because you’re bored or stressed. Snack is for hunger and nutrition. Eat in a different location. Take a walk or talk to a friend when you’re feeling blue.

Do Read Food Labels

Every dieter does this. Always check food labels. Avoid foods that contain trans fat.

Don’t Wait Too Long Between Eating

If you don’t snack in between meals, your blood sugar will drop setting off cravings which causes you to gorge later. The number one cause of overeating is under-eating.

What are some healthy snacks? These are snacks that will make your tummy happy without sabotaging your weight loss meal plan. Go ahead. Take a bite and spoil yourself with some yummy healthy snacks!

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Rooting for you,

~ The HSO Team ~

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