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5 Quick Tips to Cut Workout Time in Half

5 Quick Tips to Cut Workout Time in Half

“I’m too busy.” We often make this as our excuse not to workout. Lack of time is one of the biggest hurdles to exercise. How are we supposed to find time to run when we’re busy doing errands? The answer? Exercise smarter instead of harder! Here are some tips on how to cut your workout time in half so you can get fit every day.


Tip #1: Get Intense!

Do sprinting intervals instead of jogging. Reduce your rest periods in between sets if you are weight training. Set a timer to produce urgency. For instance, if you only have 15 minutes to spare, choose a set of exercises and finish the circuit as many times as you can within that timeframe. Decreasing the rest periods and work out routines that are shorter and more intense will help you cut your exercise schedule in half. Plus, upping the intensity helps you burn more calories overall.




Tip #2: Train The Entire Body.

Another way to cut your workout schedule in half is performing total body exercises instead of split workouts (exercises focusing on a particular body part). This lets you move more muscles which helps you lose weight, build lean muscle mass and enhance overall fitness while saving time in the process. Exercises such as the squat, kettlebell swing, deadlift, overhead press and woodchop call multiple muscle groups into action.




Tip #3: Do Compound Exercises and Supersets.

Use smart strength-training combos that work up your upper and lower body into a single move to target several muscle groups at the same time. Instead of standing while you do your overhead press, you can squat then push into an overhead press or execute a lunge with a bicep curl.



Tip #4: Don’t Bother with 30-minute Cardio Sessions.

They’re a thing of the past and they are not the best workouts to burn fat or lose weight. Stop wasting time on that treadmill and do quick cardio instead. HIIT workouts such as circuit training and running sprints are far more effective than steady-state cardio because the intensity is greater which helps you boost your endurance while burning calories.



Tip #5: Exercise at Home.

Who says you need a gym membership to work out? Your personal fitness plan doesn’t need one especially if you’re pressed for time. You can exercise just about anywhere. Do your work out routines at home. Jog, run or walk. Burpees, lunges, push-ups and squats allow you to build strength without using any equipment. Get creative.




What are you waiting for? Give these cut workout time in half techniques a try. We promise you, you’ll be able to get fit while living an active life!

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