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Feb 24

How to Relieve Muscle Pain

Muscle pain can and will arise a few hours or even days after engaging in an intense workout. You might think of it as a "good pain"… Still, this can cause major discomfort as "good pain" can interfere with your daily activities. Fortunately, how to ease muscle pain is within easy reach… 

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Feb 16

Can Protein Really Burn Fat? Read on…

Most of us have tried countless methods of weight loss. Sadly, most of us failed. We were once like the rest of you reading this blog entry. Believe us, we've tried an awful lot but to no avail. Until we've done a research on the proper nutritional intake. Want to burn fat fast? Take protein! You may not know it but one of the secrets to healthy weight loss is a high-protein diet.  

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Feb 02

Want to Know Why You’re Not Losing Weight?

Regular workouts? Check. Healthier food choices? Check… still, the weight is not coming off like how you have hoped them to be. And while there are some healthy accomplishments achieved by your diet and fitness routine, it can really be frustrating to not see the results you've wanted.

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