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Sep 23

500,000 Free Healthy & Easy Recipe Ideas

Health is wealth and what better way to ensure optimal well-being by eating a balanced and nutritious diet. But, we tend to crave for the tasty stuff, hence, our powerful magnetism to junk and sweets. Today, we introduce to you – a website home to healthy and easy recipe ideas that are good for everyone.

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Sep 16

HELP! Why Am I Gaining Weight after I Exercise?

Just when you're about to give yourself a pat on the back for working out regularly, you step on the scale and discover you’ve gained a few pounds. Don’t panic. We’re here to give that “Why am I gaining weight?” thought in your head a rest.

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Sep 09

Herbalife Multivitamin Complex – What Do Multivitamins Do?


When we eat a healthy, balanced diet, do we still need a multivitamin? After all, eating well means we are getting all the nutrients we need, right? A multivitamin won’t hurt, but we don’t want to bother if it isn’t needed. Should we take a daily multivitamin or not? What do multivitamins do?

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Sep 02

Herbalife Xtra-Cal – What Is The Role of Calcium In Your Body?


Why do we need calcium? What is the role of calcium in the body? What are the benefits it brings? Today, we are going to enlighten you about the importance of calcium and why we need a strong calcium supplement such as Herbalife Xtra-Cal to ensure required daily calcium consumption is achieved.

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